MBA国际人力资源管理 100%在线学习

Human resource (HR) management is a critical function in the complex contemporary workplace. This MBA course aims to prepare you for a potential future career in HR leadership, and aims to equip you with the skills to strategically manage and develop people in organisations around the world.

数据科学MSC 永利真人赌博

Data is everywhere. As the volume and complexity of data collected continues to grow, there is increasing demand for expertise in data science to support the analysis and visualisation of all this information.

风险管理MSC 永利真人赌博

The MSc Risk Management course is designed for individuals who want to build an understanding of risk analysis to respond to organisational challenges.

后数字人文马 永利真人赌博

The MA Post-Digital Humanities course is a new, innovative and inter-disciplinary course which combines humanist enquiry with digital media expression. It aims to focus on the creative application of Humanities-inspired critical thinking to real world challenges.

英语和教育管理MA 永利真人赌博

This MA Course offers you advanced academic study of English literature and language as well as giving you the knowledge-base necessary to become an effective manager in a variety of education settings (e.g. Higher, Further, Schools – state and private).

保护安全和弹性pgcert,pgdip,MSC 永利真人赌博

Our postgraduate programmes in Protective Security and Resilience (PG Cert, PG Dip, MSc) are shaped by research-active staff and real world events. Delivered in a friendly and supportive learning environment, these innovative and highly interactive programmes allow students to understand and analyse current issues and develop their skills in response.

在创业的研究生证书 100%在线学习

This course is designed to explore and challenge the the way you think about  entrepreneurship, enterprise, innovation and leadership.

护理MSC 100%在线学习

There is a global need for postgraduate nursing skills, and our new 护理MSC course has been developed to meet that need with life-changing learning and enhanced career development.

MBA与人工智能专长 100%在线学习

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly applied to jobs that are traditionally done by humans. This degree is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to manage the complexity that comes from a more artificial intelligence driven world.

工商管理硕士(可持续的旅游业) 100%在线学习

This MBA is designed to develop your skills and provide a critical understanding of different approaches to sustainable tourism management.

MBA与市场营销专长 100%在线学习

Our MBA与市场营销专长 course looks in detail at topics such as strategy, digital and offline marketing, planning and management.

工商管理硕士(用于医疗保健部门) 100%在线学习

Health and Social Care is a growing service sector, with new government investments giving it a higher profile than ever. Rapid changes within the industry mean there is likely to be demand for well-trained, multi-skilled individuals.

工商管理硕士(用于网络安全管理部门) 100%在线学习

As the threat of cyber security becomes a focus for companies all around the world, this course is designed to help provide you with the skills needed to manage the challenges in the field of cyber security management.

工商管理硕士(MBA) 100%在线学习

Are you looking for a career change or to develop your career? Are you considering a move into management? In today’s globally connected environment, a manager’s practice needs to be ethically based and culturally sensitive.

应急管理和弹性MSC 100%在线学习

In the age of modern technology and 24-hour news accessible through a single click of the mouse, we often find ourselves looking helplessly at the screens as emergencies unfold in front of our eyes.

灾害管理和弹性MSC 100%在线学习

Natural disasters and armed conflict have existed in human existence throughout history.  This degree can develop your existing skills to help you manage risk and respond to disasters, food insecurity, and conflict.

网络安全MSC 100%在线学习

As cyber security threats become more sophisticated, we require a deeper understanding of the challenges they bring.

建设项目和成本管理MSC 100%在线学习

The 建设项目和成本管理MSC course has been developed in response to a rapid cultural change in the construction industry.

施工管理与BIM MSC 100%在线学习

Increasing populations create the need to build more buildings than ever before, bringing the demand for appropriately trained and qualified construction professionals to its all-time high. 

企业和组织心理学MSC 100%在线学习

Explore how to apply psychology in a business setting. This degree will cover consumer behaviour, employee engagement and the impact of globalisation on organisational behaviour.


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